Access Right to a Child in the UK

Apply for family visas that grant you access rights to a child in the UK. Our immigration lawyers help you collect relevant documentation to optimise the visa approval process.

Applying for Family Visas as a Parent

The Home Office grants entry to parents living abroad to exercise access rights to a child in the UK.  The Home Office accepts applications if you meet the conditions for parental rights by moving to the UK.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Your child must be a British citizen or have a permanent residence status
  • The child must be aged under 18 (at the time of application)
  • The custodial parent or legal guardian of your child must have British citizenship or PR status/an approved applicant for EU Settlement Scheme
  • You have a court order to confirm that you have the right to direct access to a child in the UK. (you can find more about child arrangement order in our family law section)
  • You intend to take an active role in raising your child and fulfilling their rights to education, medical care and other necessities in life

Aside from this, you should meet the terms and conditions of general family visa applications.  This includes:

  • A proper place to live in during your stay in the UK
  • Sufficient funds to live in the UK without applying for public funds/support
  • Adequate knowledge of English

The duration of your stay can vary depending on individual circumstances. For further details about these family visas, visit the official government site here.

How Can We Help?

Our immigration lawyers provide cooperative support for parents residing elsewhere. If you have a child in the UK, our family law expert can apply in the court for a child arrangement order. It will allow you to maintain direct contact with your child. We can also help you extend your family visas if you want to continue your stay in the UK.  You will receive actionable solutions and expert guidance regardless of the situation.

We aim to reunite families through our legal advice and guidance. Hence, you can trust us to prioritise your (and your child’s) happiness when you ask for access.

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