Accidents at Work

The accident at work involves people working on building sites and in construction, factory or warehouse operatives and forklift drivers, farm and heavy machinery, slips and trips in offices, and injuries resulting from faulty equipment or inadequate safety training.

Accidents at Work Claims

The UK has issued strict Health, Safety and Welfare regulations that workplaces need to follow. These rules deal with everything from slip and fall accidents to equipment failure.

Employees can file claims for accidents at work if they are harmed by their employers’ or a co-worker’s negligence. For example, someone might not adhere to the safety rules in your office. Such negligence increases the chances of accidents at work.

No Win No Fee

We only get paid if you do.

 MRG Solicitors has a ‘no win, no fee’ policy in place for our clients.

Book an appointment with our experienced personal injury lawyers with the assurance that your legal costs will get covered until you win the case. That means no financial risk, upfront charges until justice is served.

How Can We Help?

At MRG Solicitors, you shall receive personalised advice for your case. Our lawyers conduct extensive research and diligently build your case to ensure you are reimbursed after the accident at work.

Our personal injury lawyers can assist you in the following situation:

  • Evident health and safety violations that can cause illness
  • Infrastructure failures and maintenance issues
  • Mental trauma (also known as psychiatric injury) caused by a traumatic event or accident at work
  • Accidents at work due to machine breakdowns
  • Severe slip and trip injury
  • Transport-based accidents at work
  • Disease and illness claims due to unauthorised industrial practices

Our personal injury lawyers take on this task on a  win no fee basis and provide you with the utmost care and attention. We can take over cases from other solicitors at any stage of your case if you have already processed your claim.

As our clients, you can expect:

  • To recover compensation that you rightfully deserve
  • Friendly and pragmatic legal advice
  • Full cooperation and collaboration during a one-on-one consultation
  • A legal advisor that answers all your queries concerning accidents at work
  • Professional legal representation if your case(s) go to trial
  • Personalised solutions to overcome challenges experienced after you file a claim

In short, our experienced personal injury lawyers remain by your side from start to finish.

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