Adult Dependent Relative (ADR) Visa

You can apply for an adult-dependent relative (ADR) visa to seek long-term care and support from a family member in the UK. Our immigration lawyers ensure that you don’t experience any challenges during the application process.

Applying for an Adult Dependent Relative Visa (ADR)

The ADR allows foreign nationals to stay with parents, siblings, children, or grandchildren who live in the UK. Applicants need to prove that they need long-term support and care from the sponsor to qualify for this visa.

The person you list as your sponsor must fall under one of the following categories:

  • They have a British or Irish citizenship
  • They live in the UK based on indefinite leave to remain status or as a permanent resident
  • They have a pre-settled or settled status if they are EEA nationals
  • Individuals living in the UK as refugees or under the humanitarian protection law

Our immigration lawyers will ensure your relevant documents prove your relationship with the person sponsoring you and their status in the UK.
Eligibility Requirements for Applicants
Individuals aged 18 and above qualify for an ADR if they can provide evidence that they need long-term support from family members to perform activities of daily living (ADLs). It includes grooming, eating, and other self-care practices.

You must show that you need support because of:

  • Your age, disability or chronic illness that prevents you from living independently
  • The unavailability of medical treatment or affordable resources in the country you reside in when you apply for an ADR visa
  • The family member you plan to stay with has sufficient funds to support you for a minimum of five years without relying on public funds.
  • You are 18 or over

How Long Can You Stay in the UK?

After approval, you can live in the UK indefinitely if your relative has British or Irish citizenship or settled status. The Home Office does not require you to reapply or extend your visa in these situations.

You need to extend your visa if:

  • Your family member lives in the UK as a refugee or under humanitarian protection and they apply to extend or apply for indefinite leave to remain.
  • You (and your relative) are EEA nationals without a settled status.

You can trust our qualified immigration lawyers to advise you on how to extend your visa and counter any challenges experienced during your stay in the UK.

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