Business Visitor Visa

 If you want to visit the UK to:

  • Gather business intel for an employer overseas.
  • Attend a seminar, interview, conference or an important meeting.
  • Negotiate/sign deals and contracts.
  • Attend a series of trade fairs to promote some work. (Not selling!)
  • Set up a future business.
  • Look up the requirements you need to fulfil to for a customer in the country as long as that work is outside the UK.
  • Conduct site inspections and visits.
  • Provide a short series of talks or speeches as long as they are not commercial events and the organiser will not profit from them.

Our skilled corporate immigration lawyers can help by streamlining the application process for you.

What Is Needed For A UK Business Visit Visa

In order to be granted a Business Visit visa, you will need to convince the UK Visas and Immigration entity that you are a genuine visitor by proving that:

  • Have enough funds to take care of all of your reasonable expenditures that are based on the visit without the need to get gainful employment.
  • You will leave the UK at the end of your visit
  • You do not want to live in the UK for an extended duration via successive or frequent visits or make it your main home.
  • Are seeking entry for permitted visitor routes and will not take part in any prohibited activities.

At MRG Solicitors, we have a promising track record when it comes to achieving positive outcomes for our clients. Our team of immigration specialists understands that UK visa applications have to be handled with care and in record time. Whether you are a business owner or an aspiring professional, you are on a time crunch.

Get a Business Visitor Visa Quickly and Efficiently

Our dedicated team of lawyers can start the process to secure a Business Visitor visa for you as quickly as possible. If your visa application was denied, or you want to determine if the activity you are interested in conducting in the UK is ‘business related’ please contact a member of our team to book a consultation.

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