Catastrophic Injuries Claim

Get Experienced and Knowledgeable Solicitors Who Can Protect Your Position for A Fair and Timely Resolution on Damages

Catastrophic injuries can be devastating and can completely change the way you live your life. Besides the predominant medical concerns, these injuries can also have lasting social and financial implications.

These types of injuries are usually those that impact the spine and the brain resulting in serious disabilities (such as hearing loss, paralysis, blindness, loss of limbs, chronic pain etc). The medical bills alone can lead to life altering financial hardships that can impact your family or dependents.

We Develop Custom Legal Strategies to Protect Your Claim

At MRG Solicitors, we have highly experienced catastrophic injury lawyers on our team who can ensure a fair and timely resolution for the appropriate level of damages for your case. We can develop custom legal strategies that can protect your position whether you get in touch with us immediately after the accident or at a later date.

Our solicitors can strike the appropriate balance and use a collaborative approach that focuses on maintaining constructive dialogues with the other party’s representatives. Some of the ways we do that include the following:


We use actuarial science and our legal knowledge to analyse stats and trends that are relevant to your catastrophic injury claim. This includes life expectancy, quantum calculations and other analytical tools that can help your case.


Amputation can seriously compromise your quality of life. Our claims specialists focus on each part of the case as per the technological advancements that can increase independence at home, work and around the community. This claims area is constantly evolving so inflation rates for assistive technologies rise yearly.

Brain Injuries

Our team of specialist solicitors are proficient in handling a wide range of brain injury claims. Their approach is based on best practices which includes future developments, trends in treatments and claim management strategies.

Our areas of expertise also include spinal injuries and chronic pain, but we also understand that catastrophic injuries are unique for each victim. Contact us at MRG Solicitors to find out how we can help you regain your independence and future following your accident and during your recovery period. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients get the best care and support for their needs. Get in touch with us for a consultation today!

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