Fiancé UK Visa

Our immigration lawyers offer legal expertise to apply for a fiancé visa in the UK. These immigration law services help unmarried couples reunite if the prospective partner does not reside in the UK.

Can You Sponsor a Fiancé Visa?

You can apply for a fiancé or fiancée visa in the UK for applicants aged 18 and above.

Your Sponsors must either be:

  • British or Irish citizens
  • Have a, indefinite leave to remain settled status or pre-settled status in the UK
  • Have a refugee status, or be staying in the UK under the asylum/humanitarian protection law

Apart from this, sponsors must have proper accommodation to financially support the applicant arriving via the Fiancé (e) Visa and any dependents coming with that person. The minimum income requirement for sponsorship is £18,600. Always review government guidelines since the pre-decided amount can change.

Application Requirements: Is the Applicant Eligible for Fiance Visa in the UK?

Fiancé(e) Visa applicants must prove that:

  • You and your UK-based partner intend to marry within the next six months of your arrival
  • You want to become permanent residents of the UK and build a family home here after you arrive via the Finance Visa
  • You have met your prospective partner before your arrival
  • You can prove that previous marriages and civil partnerships have ended and you are committed to your prospective partner

Other eligibility requirements include:

  • English language proficiency via the UK authorised assessment
  • Adequate funds to support dependent children and other relatives that might be arriving with the applicant

How can we help?

Once you are married, our immigration lawyers can help you switch to a spousal visa and apply for permanent residency. The transition allows you to extend your stay as the fiance(e) visa validity typically ends within six months of arrival.

Our immigration lawyers will help you file relevant documentation and resolve challenges experienced during the process.

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