We Handle Financial Disputes with Great Care & Attention

Financial disputes might arise when you are parting ways. Our experienced family lawyers offer legal advice for the fair distribution of assets.

Untangling the Knots Tying Divorce and Finance

Financial disputes might occur when you distribute financial assets, including property and pension while finalising your divorce or separation. You need to divide finances under your names and anything that’s considered marital property—even if only one partner has ownership. We have a wealth of experience in representing high-worth clients.

In most instances, you need to divide:

  • Finances in the form of current savings and investments
  • Real estate properties in the UK and abroad
  • Pension funds

Aside from this, you can use our family law services to decide how much financial support the parent with primary care will need for child maintenance. Once you reach a mutual settlement, your designated lawyer will draft a consent order. It will cover the terms and conditions of your settlement and request the court for grant approval.

When to Consider a Financial Order?

If you cannot mutually agree upon the division of assets, you may seek legal consultation.

Your options include:

  • Mediation
  • Solicitor Negotiation
  • Arbitration
  • Court order

Applying for a Financial Order

If you find the distribution of marital assets challenging, you can consult our family law specialists. We will try to resolve the dispute at an early stage via negotiation to prevent financial disputes from becoming prolonged and costly.

How Does the Court Decide?

The judge will assess different aspects of your finances and your current family expenses. Several factors determine the final decision.

These include:

  • Age of both parties
  • Individual ownership of financial assets and properties (in the UK and overseas)
  • Current income and earning capabilities of the parties
  • Financial needs and requirements of your children
  • The duration of the civil partnership or marriage
  • Cost of living and current expenses based on living standards and lifestyle choices
  • The number of financial contributions each partner offers

In short, the court aims to distribute financial assets fairly so that both parties can lead separate lives without significant financial ties. A judge focuses on your children to ensure the child’s best interests are preserved.

Why Should You Choose Our Family Law Services?

Financial disputes can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. They are complex and tedious as both parties attempt to prove their point. Having considerate and competent family lawyers by your side can be advantageous for you.

We make an effort to settle at an early stage even if we issue court proceedings. Our legal advisors simplify the process by answering your queries and addressing your concerns. We share practical advice and often suggest out-of-court settlements to resolve conflicts whenever possible. This approach proves cost-effective and less distressing for everyone involved.

We shall represent you without any bias or ulterior motives if the matter goes to court. We will ensure that your designated lawyer fights for a just and fair division of assets.

Rest assured, our legal team will value your time and personal interests, ensuring that you do not experience any form of distress during legal proceedings.

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