Judicial Review

If you haven’t been given the right to appeal an immigration decision, you can still dispute the decision via a Judicial Review (JR).

If you want to challenge a decision made by the Home Office that was unlawful or incorrect, your case may be eligible for a Judicial Review. A typical example is when you are not allowed the right to appeal their decision.

If the Secretary of State refused your case with no right of appeal, our immigration lawyers can help. We can provide expert and professional services that establish the reasons for pursuing your case and which can dispute the decision to the upper tribunal or high courts.

A Judicial Review doesn’t challenge the decision but how it was made. We can advise you if your case can be reviewed this way and also aid you in the application process. If your application is successful, the immigration decision may be overturned or declared illegal, asking immigration authorities to re-visit your case and make a fresh and rational decision.

How it Works

Applications for Judicial Reviews are made to the Upper Tribunals or the High Court of England and Wales. If the Home Office has been negligent or failed to follow standard rules while dealing with your case, we can help you draft and submit a JR application.

Your immigration case may be eligible for a Judicial Review in the following circumstances:

  • The Home Office certified your human rights or asylum claim. However, you were denied the right to appeal in the UK.
  • As per Dublin regulations, you were informed that your asylum claim would be switched to another EU country.
  • You were illegally detained.
  • Challenge the imminent removal order by applying for an injunction order.
  • Further submissions were rejected on the basis that it was not a fresh claim and without a right to appeal.
  • Your permission application to appeal to the upper tribunal was rejected and you can establish an error of law occurred in deciding the application.

Urgent Judicial Review: An Injunction

If the Home Office notified you that you may be removed/deported, you should consider applying for an urgent judicial review. If your application is accepted, you can get an injunction to prevent the removal/deportation.

How MRG Solicitors can help

Judicial reviews are not known for being simple. If you are facing one, you should seek legal advice. priority. Our solicitors have several years of experience in Judicial Review applications. We can provide efficient and professional advice on the merits of pursuing your case via Judicial Review. We carefully assess if the Judicial Review is worth your time, energy and money.

Cost of Judicial Review

Rest assured we offer fixed fees services to ensure costs will remain affordable. In some cases, our lawyers can also deal with matters under Conditional Fee Agreements, also known as “No win no fee” agreements. Please get in touch with us for an appointment today!

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