The out of court orders cover family law services that are handled through mutual agreement and negotiation. Common resolution processes include mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law. Our experienced solicitors choose the best strategy depending on individual circumstances.

Understanding the ‘Out of Court’ Approach

MRG Solicitors provide personalised legal advice through experienced mediators, , or collaborative lawyers to reach a mutual decision in all family law matters. As members of the Resolution, our family lawyers adhere to their code of conduct. It means we look for solutions that minimise conflicts and maximise positive outcomes during disputes.

Our negotiation strategies and cooperative advice allow families to reach an amicable agreement by giving them more control of the situation. Consequently, these arrangements support your future by ensuring that you and your ex-to-be part ways on good terms. It positively impacts children who suffer the most during court proceedings.

How Can We Help?

We take pride in providing holistic family law services for out of court settlements. Our involvement allows you to make crucial decisions in a legally compliant way without any unwanted intervention from the court. These include financial arrangements, child arrangement and asset distributions.

We undertake the role of a negotiator and legal consultant during resolution processes. Our effective communication, legal expertise, and composure present many benefits.

That‘s because it provides you with:

  • The flexibility to negotiate an arrangement that suits you and your family
  • The convenience of resolving marital issues in a safe and comfortable environment
  • A hassle-free and cost-effective way to handle family law matters

No matter what process you choose, we guide you in every step to ensure the other party doesn’t manipulate the situation. If problems arise, we can always take the traditional route by taking the matter to court.

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