Protection Orders

When life at home becomes unsafe, you are strongly advised to consult expert family lawyers at MRG Solicitors. Our legal team will assess the situation and apply to court-protection orders to shield you from domestic abuse and harassment and facilitate child welfare under grim circumstances.

What Types of Protection Orders Does the UK Court Issue?

Our family law services assist in court applications for different protection orders. We can apply for emergency orders if you need immediate support. You may contact us for all matters related to this and place urgent requests whenever required.

Occupation Order

You may apply for an Occupation Order if you are concerned about your wellbeing or the wellbeing of a child living with you due to the presence of an abusive partner/spouse. Once a judge issues this order, the court can do the following:

  • Remove the abusive partner from your shared home
  • Prevent the abusive partner from returning home
  • Allow the victim to return home if they were forced to leave by the dominant partner

The terms and conditions of the order vary according to your situation. Be assured that you shall receive rightful protection.

Non-Molestation Order

It focuses on the action instead of the living conditions. The court issues an order that stops abusive partners from contacting you, intimidating or harassing you.

Additionally, they are forbidden to coax other people to threaten (or abuse) you.

Apart from this, you may challenge a non-molestation order/application made against you if you think it was unjustified. Our family law attorneys will help prove that the non-molestation order or application against you is baseless and not corroborated by any evidence.

Protection from Harassment Order

The UK court can issue protection from harassment orders to safeguard you (and younger family members) from stalkers and bullies who harass you. This individual can be an ex-partner, a friend, neighbour or stranger.

The order is effective in situations where this individual might:

  • Verbally abuse or threaten you
  • Defame you online through cyberbullying tactics
  • Consistently contact you via text messages, phone calls, emails or mail you letters
  • Follow you around and frequently visit your home
  • Display aggressive behaviour and uses intimidation tactics to coax you into interacting with them whenever you meet

Forced Marriage Protection Order

You can apply for a forced marriage protection order without involving the other parties. A lawyer can help you receive protection if you are under-aged or threatened to marry someone without consent. The legal proceedings vary depending on the individual circumstances.

Our Support

We understand that every family is different. Our family law services accommodate you through practical solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Everyone has the right to live in a happy and safe environment. You can trust our legal expertise in handling documentation and building a case that grants you the much-needed protection. Additionally, our empathetic advice and cooperative stances will ensure you find solace through legal security.

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