Taxi Licensing Appeals

Did the local authorities take away your license? Consult with the top lawyers in the UK for legal services concerning taxi licensing appeals.
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Has Taxi License Plate Applications Declined?

Local authorities might reject your taxi license plate application (and license renewal application) because:

  • You failed to meet the required conditions
  • They noticed a defect in your vehicle that did not comply with their specified criteria
  • The number of taxis in your area of operation has exceeded its set limit, which is why they are not accepting taxi licensing applications for that region

In most cases, the council explains the rights an applicant has to appeal their case to the magistrate court when this happens. Existing license holders whose licenses are revoked, suspended, or declined for renewal can also appeal to the court to reconsider its decision.

Why Do Authorities Cancel Taxi Driving Licenses?

Our UK-based law firm provides legal services to a hackney carriage (black cab) and private hire taxi drivers. Hire our qualified solicitors to handle legal issues resulting in license suspensions, revocation, and refusals.

In most cases, the local authorities have set a specific standard that gives an overview of what professional and trained taxi drivers should do and not do. Any individual who does not meet these requirements might receive a warning, or the local government can revoke their license.

The authorities revoke or retain taxi licenses if drivers are:

  • Arrested or convicted of a criminal offence
  • Charged with dishonest conduct
  • Have received negative feedback and extensive complaints from passengers
  • Unable to maintain their vehicle and meet safety standards
  • Guilty of hiding criminal offence and motoring conviction

The reasons for refusal can vary according to local authorities and your conduct. Our qualified solicitors will negotiate and argue on your behalf to help you get your license back.

How Can We Help with Taxi Licensing Appeals?

Our trained lawyers provide personalised legal services to assist taxi drivers in need. We assess your situation and develop a strategic plan to appeal your case in court. Our meticulous research helps us build a solid case to help clients to get their licenses back.

With us by your side, you can expect:

  • Actionable legal advice that maximises positive outcomes
  • Personalised strategies to counter individual challenges during the taxi driving license application process
  • Cooperative legal services
  • Cost-effective support to help you get back on the road

In short, we advocate for your rights and ensure that you are judged fairly and without any bias.

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